Maybe you have ever asked yourself any of these questions or you have doubted which professional contact when a problem arisen in your web or when you think about creating a new one. Don’t worry, it’s normal. The profile of «web designer» is relatively recent and often it is not fully defined where it starts and where it ends. But, let’s try to shorten it so you know exactly who to turn to depending on what you and your business need at any given time.

For that, I want to talk to you about three professional profiles that you have probably already come across or are going to come across in your professional life: the graphic designer, the web designer and the web developer or programmer.

The graphic designer

Let me start by introducing you to the graphic designer. This type of designers focus especially on the aesthetic part of the project. They do the complete development of the corporate image (i.e. create the logo, choose the color palette, typographies, create graphic elements…). They are the authors of the whole visual universe of a brand.

Many times graphic designers are also part of web design. They are in charge of developing what we usually call the look&feel. That is to say, the general lines in terms of aesthetic appearance of a page.

Although it is not uncommon for some graphic designers to offer web design services, they are not usually the ones who develop the pages. Instead, they have the help of programmers or developers who are in charge of implementing their static designs in an interactive web page.

The web developer 

I have just mentioned the second profile we are going to talk about today: the web developer. So what does a web developer or programmer do? It is a profile much more linked to computer science, telecommunications and other engineering…

Developers focus mainly on the technical side of a website. Their objective is that it works perfectly: that it is fast, that it is optimized… They carry out all the previous configurations at server level, they are in charge of programming the web, they develop customized modules, they are in charge of the maintenance…

Some developers have basic notions of design and therefore also offer web design services. But, in general, the aesthetic part is not usually their forte since they focus much more on the technical and functional part of the web.

Normally, they collaborate with graphic designers who tell them what is the look&feel of the web to be developed and they mark the graphic style of each page, as well as the structure, what visual elements to use…

The web designer 

And finally, let me introduce you to the web designer. Actually, a web designer is a hybrid between a graphic designer and a web developer. He/she is neither a design expert nor a programming expert, but he/she knows how to move between both worlds and that is his/her strength.

A web designer is concerned with both the aesthetic and the technical side because he is obsessed with making the web a valuable communicative tool for each of his clients.

He usually surrounds himself with professionals in graphic design as well as in development and programming, since he collaborates with both of them on an ongoing basis. The graphic designer will help him to lay the foundations of the project and the developer will lend a hand with those jobs that require extra programming knowledge or very advanced and precise functionalities that a particular project may require.

Who do I hire?

So, you may be wondering, what do you need right now for your business? Well, let’s make several assumptions:

If you already have a website up and running but it is giving you problems?

For example, something is going too slow, some module is not working… Call a programmer! He will be able to check your website and the server where it is hosted and optimize both to the maximum so that everything works as well as possible.

If you have a website that technically works well but you see that it does not have any coherence ….

because there are a thousand colors in use, no defined typographies or you don’t even have a logo. Call a graphic designer urgently. In addition, he can also help you redefine your ideal client, clarify doubts about the presentation of your services… In short, to give a more professional look to your business and improve the perception of your brand.

If what you need is to improve your communication and conversions…

And finally, in case you already have a defined brand image and what you are looking for is a new corporate website that communicates well what you do and clearly shows the value of your services, a web designer is what you are looking for. In addition, he will also help you with the hierarchy of content and to draw a strategic path to attract customers to enter your website.

Do you now have a clearer idea of which professional you need to turn to? I hope so! But if you still have any doubts, ask in the comments and we’ll solve them together.