Problem statement 

BEAT 81 is a gym company based in Germany. Their website become outdated since they launched their app version in 2020. 

Project Goal

Revising the actual design of their website and suggest an improvement.


Research and methodology applied

As we where working on a real existing product for this project we decided to apply 4 research methodologies:

1. Desktop research to get a deeper understanding on how the fitness sector worked on Germany and gather some relevant data. 

2. Using heuristic analysis method to check the paint points of the existing website.  

3. Running some usability tests with real users, in order to understand their user flow through the existing page.

4. Do some surveys to validate if the data gathered was matching the results of the heuristic and usability tests. This validations will help us redesign a new implementation.

Desktop research

During the desktop research phase the mainly objetives of our research where the following:

1. Understand our streaming users and streaming payment options.

2. Understand why our users exercise in streaming, why them would pay for streaming content and why they like to have streaming lessons.


Acccording to the findings, we came to some conclusions:

Users prefer virtual classes vs real ones because they had better cost benefit, offer them flexibility and help them build consistency and commitment. More oppportunities to find a workouts that fits their schedule and mood.

– Mainly bussiness models in fitness sector that work especially well for live-stream fitness classes:

1. Pay-Per-Class: where people pay a flat fee to attend individual sessions.

2. Membership: where people pay a monthly fee to access all of your sessions.

41% of users pay a monthly membership fee: Online fitness studios and fitness streaming services are becoming the go-to way to build a predictable income.

Heuristic analysis

In order to understand what where the problems of the actual product we did an heuristic analysis of the current website. By doing this evaluation, we observe some problems on their userflow and interface which where the following: 

1. When user clicks on “Get Started” button the website asks user to download the app. This button is not offering the result user expect which leads to a bad UX.

2. When user clicks on the “Book a free workout” button, it leads user to download the app again. Button do not offer what it preaches.

3. User sees explanation of BEAT81 with a video on the Section “First workout”. The content of the video is still not clear to understand it. Explanation should be more clear and should be on the homepage or in “First workout” section to inform users.

4. Download the Beat81 App section is on the “Ride section”, it not understandable.

5. After the user logs into the site, the appearance of the websites completely changes, this violates the consistency principle and the UI of the page.

6. On the nav. bar “Become a coach” option shouldn’t be highlighted.

7. After the user logs into the site, nav bar does not indicate where the user is.

8. Selected location is not noticable on the right cards.

9. After the user logs into the site, the appearance of the website changes again ( typography, colors, radius of buttons ) this violates the consistency and UI principle.

Usability Testing 

We conduct a usability testing on 5 real users to test their interaction with the actual website.
The main task we conduct on this usability test where telling users to navigate though the website & try to book a workout.
By observing users interacting with the page we noticed that their where having troubles to become members and book a class. This was difficult to them because:

1. The actual page obliged users to download the app: they couldnt book a workout on the desktop website. 

2. Some of the navigation bars words where confusing to users. 

3. Payment pop up was not legible and seems untrusty. 

4. Only beat 81 members can see their classes schedule. For non members is impossible. 

All of this findings where matching with the heuristic analysys findings. 


After we concluded the usability test, we conduct a little survey to ask how some questions such as how they will improve the existing website, what they where missing on the actual website, and also what they liked or not. 

The answers we got where mainly related to improvements on the usability buttons, difficulties on becoming a member and start BEAT 81 service, incapacity of booking workout, and they missed a the map and shedule option. 

* Some of surveys replies 

Matching results

Per the results we get on the Heuristic Analysis and Usability tests we came to the conclusion on some points that needed improvements: 
  • Users needs to book a workout on the desktop version. 

  • We must rewrite some navigation bar words to improve the usability. 

  • We should create a payment platform and pop up that appears trusty.

  • We have to offer the users the possibility to see their classes schedule and the calendar. 

Market research

To help to guide us to build a solution we did a competitive analysis of the actual market on the sector fitness in order to understand better our competitors  and helps us redesign a new implementation.


Analyzing competitors

By analyzing our competitors we realized that all of them had similarities features  that our page missed such as:

· Map feature 

· Payment option 

· Displament of a schedule 

· Online classes 

Analyzing designs 

To help to guide us to build a solution, we analyze our competitors features and design solutions such as navigation bars, buttons defisn and also membership pages, features and design solutions, such as navigation bar, buttons design and also membership pages.

Our solution

Redesign of BEAT 81 website providing non signed users the opportunity of become BEAT 81 members. We uploaded and improve their membership page option and added a map and schedule feature.
By offering this solution we eliminate buttons that interrupted the userflow and provide users a payment platform to book a workout and start to use the service improving user and bussiness experience.  
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